What is the first thing I need to do?

The process is extremely intuitive, and consists of a few simple steps. The first thing you need is:
Having completed the registration process on the Blockzy website (if you need information to do so, you can enter here . To register, click here .
Owning a active bank account of which you are the owner.
Perfect. What do first?
To start, start your user session on the Blockzy website just here.
In the Main Menu, select Money Transfer.
Once you choose this button, three destination options will appear to send your money.
And what options are these?
It allows you to send as a Blockzy user.
The amount will be sent by you as a duly registered Blockzy user.
Send to a non registered in Blockzy.
Send your money as an unregistered user, who has not yet gone through the Blockzy authentication process.
To send to your personal Blockzy wallet.
The money is sent to your Blockzy wallet, previously created and configured by you.
Have I already chosen an option. Whats Next?
The following steps will help you complete your payment order in Blockzy:
  • If you send to a third party (someone other than you), write your recipient's email.
  • Select the currency to send from the drop-down list.
  • Indicate who will be charged the commission, if you, or the recipient of your payment.
  • Select the currency to receive from the drop-down list.
  • In Amount to Receive, enter the amount of currency you wish to send. When you click on the currency to be received, the amount sent calculated in that currency will appear.
  • Leave a comment related to your money transfer, if you wish.
  • Validate the transaction summary.
  • Enter your operations key.
  • Press Send and that's it!
That is all?
That is all! The money will be sent to your recipient's account in a time of:
5 minutes*
Doubts or questions? Enter our support center
* Estimated shipping time through the blockchain. Not applicable for deposits, withdrawals or verifications.