What requirements must I meet to send my remittances?

This process is easy and straightforward. You need first of all:

Be registered on the Blockzy website. (If you have not already done so, you can enter here). If you need information to register, click here.

Have ownership of an active bank account .

What steps should I follow?
Log into the Blockzy website (if you want to do it now, click here).
What destination options do I have?
Blockzy offers you three destination options for sending your money:
It allows you to send as a Blockzy user.
The amount will be sent by you as a duly registered Blockzy user.
To send to your personal Blockzy wallet.
The money is sent to your Blockzy wallet, previously created and configured by you. The money is sent to your Blockzy wallet, previously created and configured by you.
Submit as an unregistered user on Blockzy.
Send your money as an unregistered user, who has not yet gone through Blockzy's authentication process.
After choosing, what comes next?
The following steps will help you complete your crossborder payment with Blockzy:
  • Si la remesa la haces a un tercero, recuerda escribir el correo electrónico de tu destinatario.
  • drop-down list will appear with the currencies in which you can make the crossborder payment. Select the currency to send.
  • Record who will be charged the commission. This can be charged to you or to the receiver of the payment.
  • Choose currency to receivein the drop down menu
  • In the Amount to Receive, option, indicate the amount of currency you want to send. When you click on the currency to receive, that same amount will appear but calculated in foreign currency.
  • If you want, leave a comment related to this payment EX. Utility Bill.
  • Validate the transaction (in the summary).
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Click Submit and you're done!
Your crossborder payment will be sent to the recipient's account in a time of:
5 minutes*
* Estimated shipping time through the blockchain. Not applicable for deposits, withdrawals or verifications.
Doubts or questions? Enter our support center