Global problems,
global solutions

State of the art technology incolving crossborder payments
Using the context of digital tokens and blockchain technology, using day to day financial resources, we eliminate limitations and reduce costs.
Over time, the idea became a reality having local presence in eleven countries and all of the EU, the backing of 30 financial institutions and having over 64,000 top-up points.

this is what we do...

Blockchain technology makes crossborder payments almost as if they where local payments. With Blockzy you will have the option to make your transactions in a minimum time of 5 minutes, by using our Fintech platform based on blockchain technology.

... because this is what we want.

To be the leader and international reference, as the best and most revolutionary payment tool through Blockchain technology, with the greatest penetration worldwide.

How will we achieve it?
Offering you:
Shielding transactions with the most thorough security parameters and transactional financial operations thru the main banks of the countries where we operate.
In this era of technology, the needs of users have changed and demand speed in crossborder payments , we know that every second counts and that is why we take the lead in the times of our operations.
We operate with more than 30 financial institutions and more than 64 thousand Top-Up points in the countries where we have a presence
We understand the needs of our users and cover them with an intuitive system and easy reach , to make financial operations involving payments, utility bills, family assistance.
Through unusual actions, breaking paradigms and providing new solutions to old problems, thanks to disruptive and innovative technologies.